No reservation is required anymore. Please feel free to spend time in Buffet Children’s Museum of Art.

Inaugurated in 1999, Buffet Children’s Museum of Art is conceived as a place where children and art can meet. Children can feel closer and enjoy the art and the work of Bernard Buffet, through hands-on experiences.

What is Buffet Children’s Museum like?

In Buffet Children’s Museum of Art, children can get acquainted with fine arts by playing.  For example, in the “ Disguise Corner ”, children will love to get dressed like the clowns in Buffet’s paintings.  This is a way to start a dialogue between children and Buffet’s artworks to be found in the museum gallery.  The “Revolving Puzzle” to put Buffet’s character back together as their look in the actual paintings, also allow the children to get spontaneously familiar with Buffet’s works.

A variety of workshops are held occasionally in this museum along with Buffet’s works, the featured exhibit, and seasonal themes.  We are hoping that all the visitors from children to adults have fun and find their place in the museum.

Facility information

Children’s Museum of Art is furnished as a part of Bernard Buffet Museum. Elevator for strollers, nursing room with diaper-changing bed are available for families.